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3 months. That’s all he wants. Finn Tremblay wants 3 months to make everything right. He and Kalilah Anderson were young when they got married. So, he gave her some time to figure it all out, let her come back to him. Only now, it’s been five years, and he’s running out of time. Kalilah wants out, an annulment. Finn needs to find a way to bring her back. 3 months. In this provocative page-turner, [Author] tells the story of a time where two hearts fight the past and the future, and if love can survive the battle.


We’re back with the adorable little wood duckling Duckiana for book two! In this sequel, Duckiana goes to play with her ten siblings at the edge of the woods. Duckiana doesn’t pay enough attention and gets separated from her family once again. Duckiana then embarks on a new journey to find her family and bearings in a big city she knows nothing about. Join Duckiana as she learns more about the world outside the pond and makes new friends in the process!


[This person’s] empowering and authentic book will offer you encouragement when you need it, and be a tool you can use to help you reflect on your greatness. You can write about all you will achieve, all you aspire to be, and the milestones and benchmarks to your next destination! Start your 23-day journeys of I AM Affirmations and Gratitude to grow your passion and be inspired so that you can live your best life and become the woman you imagine yourself being! This book is designed to help you achieve your greatest dreams and desires, as well as reflect on things you’ve already realized.


Surrounded by boys as a wife and mother, [This person] has thrived as a leading dance instructor, cheer coach, art store owner, and now bestselling author! [This person] loves to weave together magical worlds filled with lovable characters and life lessons inspired by adventures with her family and friends! This feeds her passion for igniting and empowering people through education and creativity.


Mother, wife, businesswoman, and now author, [This person] is an inspiring woman fresh on the literary scene to share her struggles and triumphs through her drive for self-awareness and growth. Her goal? To empower women of all skin colors and backgrounds to make their lives all they want them to be and more! She encourages them to defy all odds by expanding and growing to their limitless potential and capabilities. She wants you to join her in this awesome journey of eternal self-discovery and the fulfillment of dreams!


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